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Make Your own Culture!

Moon club is a place where you can create and discover new ideas and ways of working. It is a space where friendships and collaborations are born.

Through the shared space of Moon Club, people with various occupations and backgrounds can communicate and create new ideas. Here we have all the tools and resources for you to develop your next project, plan, or business.
In 1765 the group called the “Lunar Society" was established in Birmingham, England. This gathering of many of the most intelligent scientists, poets, theologians, inventors, doctors, writers, physicists, and entrepreneurs met in the evenings of each full moon. This group has been an inspiration and we have created a space that is also rich in new ideas and a gathering place for creative people. Such a positive and creativity-filled place of interaction is a valuable asset for the world. Our Moon Club is a place where people can work and help one another in order to provide a space that is valuable and useful for the individual members. We are gathering people of intelligence and creativity as members in order to create a community and to enrich our shared space.

Moon Club can become any type of space for you depending on your creative vision, your projects, and your goals!

Project leader,
This space makes the meeting more casual and can help you draw out the capabilities of your team.

English teacher,
You can use this whole space to create English atmosphere conversation lessons that mimic real situations.

Event host,
You can rent out the entire space of 400 square yards for your big event.

Cooking teacher,
You can hold a cooking class with our professional commercial kitchen.

Creator and Artist,
Moon Club is a gallery space where you can display your work and products freely.

This entire space is your studio.

* During campaign, please inquire in detail.
First membership registration fee
Month registration fee
¥3,000 / month
Escort Visitor
¥300 / 1hour
With 5 escort visitor
  • Month registration fee must be paid on monthly basis after selecting the payment method.
  • Can not use visitors only.
  • All rates shown are exclusive of tax.

Lunch and dinner menu, alcohol and original drinks are available.
Please enjoy delicious food with your meetings.
(Vegetable-centered and healthy meal menu, popular gourmet burgers etc.)

  • Free refillable drinks
    (Soft drinks such as coffee and tea)
  • WiFi
  • Lockers for valuables
  • Photography box
  • Color printer and Fax machine

Introduction of space!

  • 3-13-22, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi
For details of benefits please feel free to contact us.